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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Australia’s NATO invitation designed to send message to China

European nations have become increasingly uneasy with Chinese investments in military equipment and its desire to control critical infrastructure, forcing the NATO boss to address the issue.

  • by Rob Harris

Opinion & Perspectives

Abortion decision deepens cultural divide between US and Australia

The decision by the US Supreme Court to overturn the 1973 judgment known as Roe v Wade is a worrying sign on many levels.

The radical reign of Clarence Thomas

Over the past three decades, I have witnessed a dismal saga of opportunism, fanaticism, mendacity, concupiscence, hypocrisy and cowardice.

Maureen Dowd
Maureen Dowd

New York Times columnist

Germany is finding it’s not easy being green

The country previously closed several coal-fired power plants. Now its new government has been mugged by the reality of Russian threats to cut the gas it needs.

Rob Harris
Rob Harris

Europe correspondent


North America

The first annual Rome Pride event in Rome, Georgia.

Roe v Wade ruling puts LGBTQ rights in focus at Pride

Pride parades kicked off in some of America’s biggest cities as the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade ruling cast its shadow over LGBTQ rights.

  • by Bobby Caina Calvan
Congresswoman Mary Miller speaks as former president Donald Trump stands behind her on stage at a rally at in Mendon, Illinois.

Trump ally Mary Miller calls Roe decision ‘victory for white life’

The congresswoman, who was among those who voted to overturn the results of the 2020 election, previously came under criticism for quoting Adolf Hitler.

  • by Jill Colvin




Chinese President Xi Jinping remains committed to a zero-COVID strategy despite the economic toll it is taking.

Xi’s dilemma: The unvaccinated elderly keeping COVID-zero China in lockdowns

China, the country where COVID-19 was first detected, still has more than 90 million people aged over 60 who are under-vaccinated.

  • by Eryk Bagshaw
A protester washes his eyes to avoid tear gas effect during a protest in Colombo this month.

With Sri Lanka in freefall, this is what a collapsed economy looks like

Acute shortages of fuel, food, medicine and other basic items, as well as soaring prices, have left the bankrupt South Asian island in despair.

  • by Chris Barrett

Also in World

A body is removed from a nightclub in East London, South Africa.

South African police investigate nightclub deaths

Urgent autopsies are being conducted to identify the cause of death of the young people, who were reportedly celebrating the end of school exams.

  • by Wendell Roelf

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