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Albanese’s crossbench staffing cuts about politics, not fairness

Cuts to the staffing allocation of crossbench MPs is a slap in the face for newly elected independents and a setback for good governance and cultural renewal in Canberra.

Sophie Scamps
Sophie Scamps

Independent federal MP for Mackellar.

Anthony Albanese goes to Europe to talk about Ukraine but with China on his mind

Australians must not dismiss Russia’s war in Ukraine as something that does not affect them.

Rob Harris
Rob Harris

Europe correspondent

Has business learnt its lesson from climate wars?

What is being said on wages mirrors business’s approach to defeating the mining tax and carbon price – actual data was brushed aside in favour of false claims.

Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly




Illustration for Business day front cover for a piece on short selling and loving the bear, (stocks)
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Best of cartoons, June 27, 2022

The news of the day as interpreted by our talented artists, illustrators and cartoonists.

Households are spending almost $75 more a month on petrol than at the start of the year due to soaring prices.

‘It’s looking really ugly over time’: Home buyers to pay price as rates rise to stem inflation

Economists warn home buyers may be “burned” as ultra-low interest rates and easy budget policy come to an end.

  • by Shane Wright

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