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An inflated iron ore price has bolstered WA’s budget.

Iron ore riches, GST to thank as WA’s credit rating upgraded to AAA after nine years

The 2013 downgrade of WA’s credit rating from AAA was the first time it had happened since the ‘WA Inc’ era of the 1980s.

  • by Hamish Hastie


Protestors calling for abortion law reform march to Sydney Town Hall,  November 20, 1971.

From the Archives, 1973: Whose life, whose body, whose right?

Almost 50 years ago, debate was raging in Australia following the Roe v Wade decision. The Herald spoke to those for, and against, abortion law reform.

  • by Staff reporter
Greenwich has ushered through two divisive bills – the decriminalisation of abortion and the legalisation of voluntary assisted dying.

Abortion should never again be criminalised in NSW

Decriminalising abortion was one of the most important decisions in the history of NSW, and it must be safeguarded forever.

  • by Andrew Constance

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